Rituals & Meditations

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Sacred Pilgrimage: Ritual for Challenging Travels

Some visits bring up our tender spots. This ritual can be used during a challenging visit or adapted to bring intentionality and spiritual strength into a journey of any kind.

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Ritual for Releasing: Sanctifying an Ending

This ritual is perfect when we are releasing a relationship, an expectation, or a loss. It guides participants through compassion with all that is, the magic of releasing, and opening to future possibilities. It is best done in community and can also be done solo.

This ritual is perfectly paired with my Coffee with Celeste Facebook Live interview.

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Becoming the Dream: A Guided Meditation

"A change of feeling is a change of destiny." -Neville

This 9-minute meditation guides listeners to connect with a dream that lights up your being. Use it to shift into juicy space of aliveness and co-creation with the Universe.

This meditation is perfectly paired with the Dance Our Dreams podcast.

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