Illness & Healing

Ritual simultaneously captures our pain and delivers us from it. | Unknown

“Comfort, comfort My people, nachamu nachamu ami” (Isaiah 40:1).

The prophet Isaiah offered these simple but profound words from the Eternal when all hope seemed lost.

We are each in need of healing. No one is perfectly whole. We may be struggling with illness; we may be plagued by emotional pain; our souls may be in turmoil; we may be in mourning; journeying through a divorce; infertility, or a loved one may be suffering and we are caretaking.

Rabbi Marshall can help create a ritual to help pull you out of private pain. Rituals can offer a turning point, a focus on thoughts and symbols besides pain and hurt. They help us feel we are taking a more active role in our healing. Prayer, blessings, poetry, and ritual offer the promise of coming away better able to face the journey we must walk with comfort and support.

She especially recommends the mikveh, Jewish ritual immersion, during times of illness and healing. A painful diagnosis or chronic illness can leave our body feeling like the enemy--that it is no longer a part of us. Immersion in a mikveh, indoors or in a natural body of water, offers an invitation to reconnect with ourselves in a new way.

Water buoys us, it supports us gently. The Divine Presence , strengthens our resilience through the warm embrace of these living waters.