Published Writing | Praying

Manifest and Surrender

Exploring rockin' the vision board versus stepping back to allow and receive.

Published by Beliefnet. 2018. | Peace

Choosing Faith

Exploring living with authentic faith.

Published by Beliefnet. 2017. | Ravblog

Sitting With The Unknown: Continual Revelation Of The Not-Yet Revealed

How can we stay open to the continual revelation of the not-yet-revealed? And how is sitting with the unknown an invitation to welcome the Divine presence?

Published by RAVBLOG: Reform Rabbis Speak. 2016 | Rabbi Jessica K. Marshall


Check out page 5 for three different Hebrew words which all capture the meaning of "transition."

Published by JT News, May 2014. | Rabbi Jessica K. Marshall

Revelation's Relevance

Check out page 3 for a modern take on the revelation of Torah.

Published by JT News, June 2011 | Rabbi Jessica K. Marshall

Judaism On Two Wheels

Check out page 11 for press on a Seattle cyclists leadership on a Jewish environmental bike ride. | Rabbi Jessica K. Marshall

The Rainy Season

Check out page 3 as I consider the rainy season a time of flexibility, where a lack might be transformed into a gain and a vulnerability considered a source of blessing.

Published by JT News, November 2009.

Sermons | Roman Fortress

Who Are You? And What Are You Doing Here?

A wrong turn leads Rabbi Akivah to a Roman fortress and a series of soul-stirring questions. Yom Kippur words at shared Judaism Your Way's morning service...what does it mean to return to our hearts?

Delivered on Yom Kippur 2017/5778. | Ceremony

Temple Beth Or Farewell Sermon

My heart and soul are forever touched by the generosity, compassion, humor, integrity, respect, and light of Temple Beth Or.

It is not easy to leave a place when things are good, when there is so much shared love and deep respect and connection. Sometimes when good things come to an end, they end precisely because they were good.

Read my farewell sermon here. | Self Compassion


Forgiving ourselves frees our energies to tell a new story of who we are. If the Divine exercises ultimate compassion, how can we aspire to less?

Delivered on Rosh Hashana 2016/5777. | Mental Illness

Struggling with Mental Illness

A Jewish response to those who suffer and those who caretake.

Delivered on Kol Nidre 2016/5777. | Gun Control

Gun Control

How do we address gun violence from a Jewish perspective?

Delivered on Shabbat Shuvah 2016/5777. | Balance

Yitro’s Invitation

How do we construct our lives to implement our values? How do we strive toward equilibrium?

Delivered on Rosh Hashana 2015/5775 | Dr. Brené Brown quote

An Imitation of Death Through the Power of Vulnerability

God does not desire perfection, just our authenticity and striving.

Delivered on Kol Nidre 2012/5772