Spiritual Coaching

Journeying on a path of growth and evolution is a blessed invitation for our expansion! Guidance, resources, and inspiration from a trusted mentor creates an enlivening and open-hearted journey!

Spiritual counseling invites each individual to bring their personal journey and heart to shared sacred space. I offer compassionate support as you embrace unbounded possibility for your life!

I integrate tools I use for my own spiritual expansion...

  • Personal inquiry journaling questions
  • Positive psychology
  • Creative ritual
  • Guided meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Radical self-love
  • Honoring inner wisdom
  • Expanding our connection to Spirit

I begin each journey asking your goals for our time together. I then propose a few specific areas to explore together. We use these goals as a North Star on our path while also making room for other needs as they arise.

I offer 8 week packages and typically meet with clients every other week. You'll receive a recording of each session and a check-in from me in between weeks. Any program can be tweaked to exactly what feels best for you!

My signature 8 session 1-on-1 coaching is $699, meeting every other week. I am always happy to arrange payment plans.

I look forward to co-creating a path together of spiritual growth and renewal!