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Our Process Together...

As the three of us stand before your loved ones, it is an honor to fully capture your essence, values, and playfulness as a couple.

I seek to provide an arms-wide-open entree to Judaism and inclusive spirituality. Through our time together, couples grow more connected to each other, more connected to their own sense of Oneness, the natural world, or the Divine Mystery, and gain tools for creating rituals and traditions together.

We deepen the process of getting to know each other over multiple sessions. We meet in my cozy living room (always with cookies!) or over video chat platforms. Celebrating each unique couple, in a cozy, intimate, relaxed environment is elevated through my 10 session premium packages.

*For couples who'd like a 4 or 7 session package, I'm delighted to do that as well.



Either over phone or in person, you share a bit about your journey, what a Jewish wedding means to you, your vision for your wedding, and a little about your spiritual backgrounds. I share my approach to working with couples, review how our time is structured, and answer any questions the two of you have.

Session One

Together, we'll talk about your family and religious backgrounds, how and where Judaism plays a role in your home life, and what a Jewish wedding means to you. Understanding each of your backgrounds is paramount as I tailor my approach to working with each couple.

Before Session One:

Please Complete the Intake Form

Please purchase these books:

  • | The Jewish Wedding Now
  • | 1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married
  • | Celebrating Interfaith Marriages

Other relationship/marriage books I love...


Session Two

We'll delve into each of your personalities, and how your differences and similarities strengthen and support each other. Then we'll play the Newlywed Game!

Before Session Two:

Each person, please take the 5 Love Languages Quiz

Each person please take the Enneagram assessment

Session Three

Imagine co-creating a custom ketubah for your wedding! A ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract dating back to the first century CE. Modern ketubot (the plural of ketubah) are artistic creations reflecting each couple's values and spiritual and marital commitments. They can be written in Aramaic, Hebrew, or English. Each ketubah is a beautiful piece of Judaica a couple frames and displays in their home after the wedding.

With Rabbi Marshall, you will choose a design she will hand-paint for you! Together, you will craft language for your ketubah that captures the love, humor, compassion, and generous spirit you bring to your marriage. Many online ketubot use templates, this individualized approach enables you to capture the fullness of your love and craft your own unique wording.

Session Four

We'll go over all the details of your ceremony and personalize it fully. We can discuss navigating familial issues. :) Rabbi M. will offer options for music, special readings, and ways to include your Jewish and non-Jewish family and loved ones.

Before Session Four:

Please read The Jewish Wedding Now and Celebrating Interfaith Marriages.

Session Five

Let's dive into your commitment to social action as a couple and how to integrate that into your life! Together we'll discuss what cause draws you and how to devote yourselves more fully to it. We will select an activity of your choosing and volunteer together! This approach offers couples a way to connect their wedding to social justice and enable to three of us to connect in new and creative ways.

Session Six

This is a hands-on session where we volunteer our time for a cause that speaks to your heart and values. Imagine nurturing those who are hungry by cooking a delicious meal together; or putting our hands in the dirt for environmental causes; or advocating for safer gun control laws. Together, we'll commit to an act of social justice.

Session Seven

Depending on each couple, we'll explore spirituality and connection to the Divine/Spirit/Oneness, finances, sexuality, rituals, connection to Shabbat and a day of rest, and your continued growth and delight together.

Options abound with creative art projects to capture your values and goals. I tailor this session depending on what each couple seeks to explore.

Before Session Seven:

Please peruse these exercises. Choose the questions that speak to you as a couple and jot down notes to jog your memory for our discussion. We'll focus more on Spirituality together. We can discuss Finances and Sexuality if a couple chooses.

Finances: Part 8 of 1001 Questions to Ask Before Your Get Married

Sexuality: Part 9 of 1001 Questions to Ask Before Your Get Married

Spirituality: Chap 21 of 1001 Questions to Ask Before Your Get Married

Session Eight

Now that you have blessed your engagement with friends and loved ones, we take time to speak thoughtfully about your intentions for your marriage. Together, we create a ritual to sanctify all that brought you to your wedding, your individual passions, this present moment as a couple, and your future intentions and values. This is a beautiful way to share sacred couple-time together before the intensity of the wedding day.

Session Nine

We share a stirring, joyous ritual, in a place you choose, often in nature.

If couples wish to capture this intimate ritual with stunning photographic keepsakes, I partner with Kelly Eileen I Essence + Artistry

Session Ten

We'll do a run-through of your ceremony and finalize any outstanding details. Then I'll ask some fun mushy questions (mushy is how I roll) that I'll incorporate during the ceremony as I speak about the two of you.

After your wedding ceremony, each couple receives on-going rabbinic and pastoral support, special access to my other offerings (retreats, personalized rituals, baby namings), and opportunities to connect with my community of other newlyweds.

After Your Ceremony

It's such a blessing to be able to connect after your ceremony...if couples choose, we can do our ritual a month or so after the ceremony. It's often even more powerful to take time after the wedding to creatively sanctify your intentions for yourselves and your marriage (and share pictures)!

Favorite Vendors

My favorite venues, wedding planners, and photographers


LP Creative Events

Loni Peterson the founder and owner of LP Creative Events and she has been a planner and logistics wizard for as long as she can remember. As an artist and event planner, she thrives off the idea of making something beautiful out of nothing. Whether it is a blank canvas turned into a piece of art or a stunning view turned into a ceremony space - the challenge is always exciting. She is also an Affiliate Professor at Metro State University and teaches Event Project Planning and Senior Event Production in the School of Hospitality Events and Tourism. Connect with Loni if you are looking for a planner fueled by creativity for your next event!


Candace Elaine Events

Candace Elaine Events loves to celebrate all types of love. They believe that every couples love story is unique and beautiful. Candace Elaine Events helps couples tell their love story through beautifully curated events that are sure to create magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Key About the Resort Weddings Wedding2 Image Gallery.jpg

Keystone Resort

Keystone is home to a number of spectacular on and off-mountain venue options. Whether you're looking for gorgeous mountaintop views, a classic golf course setting or a rustic lodge full of Colorado history, their friendly and experienced Wedding team will help you plan the celebration of your dreams.

Their Team is dedicated to providing a one-stop shop for some of your biggest checklist items. They'll secure your date, venue, menu, logistics and timing, lodging setup and offer a variety of unique and exciting Welcome Party, Rehearsal Dinner, and After Party venues, as well as distinctive mountain activities and events to round-out your one-of-a-kind celebration.

Explore their four signature venues, each with a unique look and feel, as well as ceremony-only options that take advantage of their spectacular Rocky Mountain setting.


Stellini Photography

Jessie Stellini is an intimate portrait photographer. She connects effortlessly with clients so she can best capture organic moments that empower you to see the same strength, beauty, and love that she sees through the lens of her camera.

Wedding Photos-813.jpg

DJ Connection

Award-winning, Energetic, Proactive & Professional

DJ Connection's mission to change the world one dance floor at a time--reinventing the way brides, grooms, and their guests celebrate the incredible day. DJ Connection is dedicated to helping every couple feel important and special on their big day.

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