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In other's stories we hear our own...

Join us as we dive into these spiritual questions...

What is a sacred story that has shaped your life?

How is your sacred story evolving now?

How is Spirit/Mystery currently calling to you?

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Sacred Stories with Aubry Hoffman: The Whispers of Our Heart

Aubry's Sacred Story:

Join us as the Queen of Intuition tells a powerful story about how her atypical education has shaped the course of her life. We discuss the power that lives in each of us to discover our own unique ways of working and healing. Aubry’s message invites us to accept that we each have a path that may look nothing like that of other people in our lives.

Aubry’s story encourages us to consider:

~ What if what you want feels like something that has never been done before?

~ How can we let go and trust the pull of our heart?

~ Where in our lives can we practice even more openness?

~ How do we heal, work, and love in our own unique ways?

Listen to Aubry's story

About Aubry:

Aubry Hoffman is an intuitive guide, energy healer and inspirational speaker. She inspires thousands of people all over the world with her weekly podcast; The Queen of Intuition. Aubry lives in Boulder, CO with her son.

Special offering from Aubry: For 20% off a reading with her click HERE and use code STARMOTHER at check out.

Connect with Aubry:

IG: @TheQueenOfIntuition

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Sacred Stories with Rabbi Heather Miller: Keeping It Sacred

Heather's Sacred Story:

Join us for an expansive conversation with Rabbi Heather Miller exploring inclusive Jewish community and claiming Judaism for ourselves. We discuss the power of having our own identities affirmed by those we love and honoring others through spiritual depth, openness, and joy! Rabbi Miller’s story reveals the humanness of trying to find our place. She reminds us that we share many more similarities than differences.

Rabbi Heather Miller invites us to consider:

~ How can we create spaces within the Jewish community that are welcoming to all people?

~ What are ways we can affirm those who may have different backgrounds than our own?

~ How can we strive to be creators of Judaism instead of consumers?

~ What do our own spiritual identities look like and feel like?

Listen to Heather's story

About Rabbi Heather Miller:

Rabbi Heather Miller is the founding rabbi of Keeping It Sacred, a center of serious sacred text study, joyful openness, empowering learning, and purposeful activity.

She was named the 2018 Giant of Justice by CLUE-LA (Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice), appointed Commissioner on the first-ever Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Civilian Oversight Commission in 2016, selected as a Jewish Federation Edah Community Leadership Fellow in 2016, and identified as a Leader to Watch by the Liberty Hill Foundation in 2013.

In 2019, Rabbi Miller released her first book, ReSOULutions: A Practical Guide for Self-Repair. Her actions and ideas have been featured in more than 15 publications including the Los Angeles Times, the Jewish Journal, Sh’ma Journal, The Orange County Register, and

Rabbi Miller has served as spiritual leader of several congregations across the United States including the world’s first LGBT-founded Jewish synagogue, and was born and raised in an interfaith family in Los Angeles, CA.

Connect with Rabbi Heather Miller:

IG & FB: @hearabbi

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Erin Celeste: Sacred Power

Erin's Sacred Story:

Join us for this deeply powerful conversation as Erin Celeste shares a story about finding her own voice and how that emerges in her relationships. We explore the universal human question, "Can I trust to be loved as my true self?" Can I show up as I truly am and be deeply loved for that? Erin clarifies external vs. internal power and offers tools for how we can shift old stories about ourselves. She also reveals a compelling way to diffuse conflict.

Erin's story invites us to consider:

~How do we hold someone else in sacred space when they are feeling triggered and vulnerable?

~The embodiment practice of asking the other person, "What do you feel in your body right now?"

~If you are feeling stuck in a relationship, discerning whether to keep working on your relationship or accept that it is not a good fit.

~How do we start to dismantle old structures that keep us in suffering?

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About Erin:

Erin Celeste (she/hers) is a healer-turned-relationship coach, thanks to her relentless pursuit of the question "Why are relationships are the source of both our greatest joy and our greatest pain?"

She is a certified Erotic Blueprints coach, and works with single or partnered women to help guide them into deeper love through the power of pleasure so they can experience turn on, aliveness and radiance both in and out of the bedroom.

When not geeking out about sex and relationships, she can be found perfecting her French accent (ideally while traveling), reading mystery novels, dancing like no one is watching, logging hours on her meditation cushion, and engaging as an ally to end systemic oppression.

Connect with Erin:

IG: @myerinvalentine

FB: @ErinCeleste

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Paul Sanders: Somatic Listening

Paul's Sacred Story:

Paul dives into tangible skills that help partners to understand each other's differences.

We explore the practices of sitting with discomfort, listening with empathy, heart coherence meditation, and intentionally raising the frequency of every cell in our body. He shares how the practice of somatic listening--hearing another without needing to respond has changed his relationship.

Paul's story invites us to consider:

~How might I bring playfulness to my meditation practice?

~Where is an invitation to practice somatic listening in our own life?

~Is there something or someone in our lives that might flow more easily if we step back to listen versus grip tightly and force it?

Listen to Paul's story

About Paul:

Paul is a life adventurer. He has always been an entrepreneur work-wise. Beyond work, what is most important to Paul are spiritual and relationship growth, anything to do with music, and exploring the world.

Connect with Paul:

FB & IG: @heywherespaul

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Sacred Questions with Alison Gold

Alison's Sacred Story:

Our conversation explores Alison's core life questions which emerged & deepened during her time on sabbatical.

1. How do I want to contribute to the world?

2. What do I want the rhythm of my life to be?

3. What/Where do I consider home?

We also speak about a magical place called the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland I hope to be able to visit there one day!

Alison's story invites us to consider:

~Where do life's important questions get raised for you?

~How would you answer her core questions? What others would you add?

~What for you is "love in action?"

Listen to Alison's story

About Alison:

Alison Gold is passionate about sharing her unique combination of skills and experiences as an anthropologist, cross-sector change-maker, culture-builder, emergent learner and strategist, and facilitator with organizations and collaborations seeking to create a more positive and equitable world. She founded her firm, Optimistic Anthropology in 2017, to help teams and communities working to solve complex social, economic, and environmental problems be able to answer two critical questions:

  • Why are things the way they are?

  • What will it take to make them different?

Alison enjoys reading, cooking, and podcasts; swimming, hiking and camping; checking out street art, art exhibits and concerts; and cheering for the Chicago White Sox. She calls the Petworth neighborhood of Washington, DC home, and because of her love of and ability to work from anywhere, considers the world her community.

Connect with Alison:

Instagram: @AKGold11

Twitter: @AKGold11

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Sacred Surrender with Robin Wald

Robin's Sacred Story:

Our conversation explores Robin's growth, healing, and transformation over the last five years since ending a 24 year marriage. We dive into the lessons of growing into our own power, surrender, trust, intuition, and inner listening.

Robin's story invites us to consider:

~During times of uncertainty, how can we connect to the Divine as an indwelling place, the Shechina, in Hebrew?

~How can we deepen our own inward listening, without judgment?

~Using tarot as an intuition validator.

~The dance between inner knowing versus listening to a force larger than us. Duality consciousness versus unity consciousness.

Listen to Robin's story

About Robin:

Robin Wald is a professional astrologer, life coach, yoga and meditation teacher, and Jewish educator. With cosmic wisdom and compassionate presence, Robin supports her clients to gain clarity and insight into themselves, their life purpose, and their own resourcefulness to manifest their best selves in wholeness and love.

Connect with Robin:

IG: @robinwaldcosmicwisdom

FB: RobinWald or @robinwaldcosmicwisdom

Excited to create a sacred story together?