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Our journey Together...

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Our Sacred Structure...

Our year together runs March 7, 2023-February 20, 2024. Our learning will be broken into 5 chapters each with its own theme.

You can participate for the entire year, or you may join Sacred Journey at the beginning of each chapter and participate for as may chapters as you would like.

  • Dates for each new chapter are:
  • ~March 7: Narrowness to the Promised Land
  • ~May 16: Nature's Rhythms and Ritual
  • ~August 15: Return to Our Essence
  • ~October 3: Harvesting Our Joy
  • ~November 21: Miracles as a Change in Perception

We meet twice a month virtually on Tuesdays for 75 minutes. Classes are the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month unless otherwise indicated.

5-6:15pm PST / 8-9:15 pm EST over Zoom

$150/month for as many chapters together as you'd like!


Once you submit your form, you'll receive and email with payment instructions. | Ornament Arrows


  • -What if I miss a session?
  • All sessions will be recorded. If you miss one, you will receive a replay!
  • -When may new participants join Sacred Journey?
  • We will have open registration at the beginning of each new chapter. You can choose to participate for the entire year or for as many individual chapters as you would like. Dates for each new chapter are:
  • March 7: Narrowness to the Promised Land
  • May 16: Nature's Rhythms and Ritual
  • August 15: Return to Our Essence
  • October 3: Harvesting Our Joy
  • November 21: Miracles as a Change in Perception
  • -Are there opportunities for 1-1 support?
  • Absolutely! If at any time you'd like individual guidance, I'm delighted to offer Sacred Journey participants 10% off spiritual coaching sessions.
  • -What is the payment structure?
  • You will be billed $150 monthly for the duration of Sacred Journey.
  • If for any reason, you choose to end your participation, simply let us know before the first of the month when payments are processed.


Once you submit your form you'll receive an email with payment instructions. | Ornament Arrows

Participant Love...

"Jessica is literally my personal ambassador of magic...I don't even have the right words yet. I am overflowing with so much gratitude and excitement!!!! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU. Shocked, stoked, and gratefully yours." -Stacy

"You have such an amazing gift for bringing strangers together and creating a sense of connection and interconnectedness. Your boundless authenticity and love creates sacred space." -Susan Rosenberg

"Your presence in my life is a blessing and inspiration. Your smile and joy is infectious and always helps put perspective in all situations. Your open heart and deep kindness have helped me become a better and more cognizant person. I so appreciate your work, your steadiness, and your love." -Vicki Schwartz


More Participant Love...

"Jessica is an amazing facilitator and truly beautiful soul. Her Divine nature creates and holds a sacred space for healing and transformation. I am eternally grateful." The focus on enchantment and joy was exactly what I needed to get me 'back in the saddle' of my true self." -Michelle Kaye | Ornament Arrows

"Every activity, conversation, and moment completely exceeded my expectations." -Chelsea Husum

"Your words always inspire me. I so appreciate and admire your ability to bring out the best in us." -Melanie

"Jessica's unique and powerful blend of unique spirituality, humor and deep wisdom created a powerful and safe container for me to gain insight and ah-ha's. Because she draws from such a mix of philosophies, writers, experiences, and traditions, there is something for everyone." -Stacy Rupe

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About Your Guide:

Rabbi Jessica Kessler Marshall passionately leads soul-centered retreats, women’s gatherings, and weddings across the United States. She guides participants into deeper connection with Spirit by moving beyond intellect or logic, to access soul-wisdom so their path lights up with ease, vitality, abundance, and JOY! Championing spiritual inclusivity via creative rituals, intentional reflections, mindfulness practices, and the wisdom of the natural world, she guides with humor, authenticity, and Divine presence.

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