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Bringing Spirit and Heart to Ritual.

Serving Denver, Boulder, Colorado, Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, Western Washington, and destination locations.

Rabbi Jessica K. Marshall is your Jewish life cycle events and ceremonies specialist, personalizing your weddings, baby namings, and creative rituals to mark life’s transitions.

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Baby Namings & Adoption Ceremonies

Rabbi Marshall's baby namings include a more holistic approach as your family welcomes a child into the world. This is an opportunity to mark this powerful transition as parents, connect to family history, personal spirituality, potential isolation as new parents​, and the values you bring to your child​.​

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Weddings & Vow Renewals

Rabbi Marshall performs Jewish wedding ceremonies, interfaith ceremonies, and LGBTQ weddings and can help you find ways to include your entire family in the ceremony as well as incorporate personal prayers and rituals. | Drop

Spiritual Counseling, Healing, & Sanctifying Transitions

Rabbi Marshall offers spiritual counseling as we each journey through life’s hardships and joys. She provides perspective, support, and resources during moments of change. Transitions can be marked in nature, in the private space of your own home, or at the mikveh.


Renewal Rituals & Retreats

We each need sacred time to refresh, re-inspire, and center ourselves.

Rabbi Marshall will help you create a gathering in the comfort of your home, or another soothing locale, and design any length retreat made especially for you or your group of friends’ renewal.

Our time together will include reflection, intention setting, gentle relaxation, and any other activities to help you reconnect with your shaleim, your wholeness.

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"From our first meeting, we could tell that Rabbi Marshall understood our spirituality, and that she was the right officiant to work with us to create a personalized and meaningful wedding ceremony.

She suggested a unique opportunity to do a Mikvah ritual in the mountains a couple weeks before the wedding. This ritual turned out to be AMAZING. We met Rabbi Marshall at Gore Creek outside of Vail and Rabbi Marshall led us in a simple ceremony to connect with our Judaism and with each other. It was not only beautiful, but truly meaningful, and a wonderful preface to our wedding. Rabbi Marshall had a unique way of bringing her creativity to our work together in a way that made us feel understood and provided a spiritual and romantic experience that we never would have thought to pursue.

Rabbi Marshall really listened to us when she asked us what Judaism meant to us, what we valued in each other, and what we wanted the wedding ceremony to be like. She helped us create a wedding ceremony that was personal and innovative in some parts, and traditional in others, just like we wanted. She was responsive, reliable, and just such a joy to speak with and work with. We fully intend to stay in touch with Rabbi Marshall and we can't wait to see what she does next in her work on Sacred Lifecycle Rituals." ~Dustin and Jen