Rabbi Jessica K. Marshall

Bringing heartfelt and joyous spiritual inclusivity to retreats, workshops, and the celebration of love stories.

Guiding transformation through creative ritual, coaching, and soul-aligned intentional living.

Sharing sacred guidance so you can…

✶ Explode narrow paradigms and live limitless lives!

✶ Clarify your own passions and values and know how to put them first

✶ Create enduring connection with your internal northstar, your soul wisdom, your higher self

✶ Live beyond your wildest dreams elevating your consciousness to access Divine Love, JOY, playfulness, and radiant beauty.

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Curious to learn more?  A heartfelt interview with Rabbi Jessica K. Marshall…

Q: How did you decide to become a rabbi?

I was a 21-year-old seated in an unfamiliar sanctuary at Shabbat services with tears building in the corners of my eyes. A man with snow-white hair and a slight, hunched frame held out his arm to his wife as they gingerly made their way up the steps toward the Torahs. As the rabbi blessed them on the sacred occasion of their 58th wedding anniversary, my neshama, my soul, filled and I knew sanctifying moments like this was how I wanted to spend my life. I started rabbinical school a year later.

This thread of meaning in creating holiness at life cycle moments continued after I was ordained. I joyously served Temple Beth Or in Everett, Washington from 2009-2017 nourishing relationships with families encompassing the fullness of our human journey.

Q: After many years as a congregational rabbi, what led you to serve all spiritual paths?

After many years in Washington State, I had a moment that would propel me into a new chapter. I had just started off on a bike ride, only half a block from my driveway, when a voice came through so was both inside me and surrounding me. Not a loud, booming voice, but a clear, steadfast voice. The second I heard its truth, tears started streaming down my face. It was my soul’s voice, and it held the wisdom that the next step on my path was to bring spiritual inclusivity, immersive retreats and creative ritual to my offerings.

One of the greatest gifts my time as a congregational rabbi offered was the intimate experience of all that is beyond our control. My leadership reflects the knowing that we get one spin on this planet as the soul that is uniquely us. This is our spiritual summons to be living lives that honor our soul-truths and soul-desires! I offer rituals to release the heaviness of what no longer serves us and usher in an uplifting, aligned, and enlivening future!


Q: Tell us more about embracing Judaism and other spiritual and energetic practices.

I relish how Judaism puts Shabbat at the center of our week. Creating sacred time for reconnecting with what truly matters, resting, celebrating joy, connecting with loved ones, and making this time special and different then the rest of the week is such a gift.

Additionally, the expansive ways Judaism understands the Divine resonate in my depths. When Moses asks God, “God, what should I call you?” The Divine responds, “I will be what I will be.” The Divine is a Process of Becoming.

I take this expansive theology into how I teach techniques to connect with our Divine essence. How can we feel the Mystery/Source/Transcendent by our side as we sit in moments of impatience, frustration, or pain? Can we expand our trust that growth will flow from this in vital ways to serve us in the future? Can we sense the Divine Process holding us so we don’t feel so alone? Can we expand our perspective to live knowing that our essence is limitless Divine Love and thus create our lives aligned with Source in harmonious creative flow with the Infinite?

I know that what we long for is there for a reason. We have dreams within us because they want to be expressed through us. The Universe seeks to offer us a life beyond our wildest dreams if we choose to honor our inner wisdom. I elevate each soul’s essence with Divine presence, playfulness, and overflowing compassion so you may hear Spirit speaking in your voice.

Celebrating the diversity of those I serve and the variety of meanings and approaches toward holiness for each person, I embrace the rainbow of spiritual expressions!

Q: In what other ways have you served folks’ spiritual journeys?

I joyously served Judaism Your Way in Denver and Temple Beth Or, a Reform synagogue in Everett, Washington from 2009-2017. I also taught at Temple De Hirsch Sinai, the University of Washington Hillel, and Seattle University. Prior to my time in the Pacific Northwest, I served as the Hillel rabbi at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, as well as synagogues in Ohio and Long Island, New York. I enjoyed professional leadership within the Women’s Rabbinic Network as the VP of National Programs & Events. I was ordained as a Reform rabbi from Hebrew Union College in 2008.

For more info on my media appearances and writing click here.


Q: As we wrap up this interview, tell us, what feeds your soul, Jessica?

You can often find me on the hiking trail, soaking up the beauty of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and California's Eastern Sierras or tearing up the pavement on my bicycle. I have led hikes across the country and have also participated in bike trips in both Israel and the United States raising money to support environmental causes.

I am also a Scrabble fanatic, die-hard podcast devotee, and connoisseur of almond butter and jelly sandwiches. I look forward to meeting you and can be reached via the contact form on the site.


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