Sacred Stories with Aléa Lovely

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Sacred Stories with Alea Lovely: Receiving Higher Wisdom

Join us as Aléa Lovely tells a sacred story about learning to trust the Universe to guide her towards action and healing. She shares her journey from a life of manifestation to one of surrendering to her feminine energy and Spirit.

We explore the difference between anxiety and intuition, and how the two can sometimes be mislabeled. Aléa encourages each of us to trust our intuition, as it often leads us in the right direction.

Aléa’s story invites us to consider:

~ Who are we without our titles, relationships, and work?

~ How can we allow Spirit to guide us, instead of always seeking control?

~ What is the difference between our anxiety and our intuition?

About Aléa:

Aléa Lovely is the host on the up-and-coming podcast Spiritual Sh*t. She is also an empath medium who coaches people about their energy, boundaries and blocks to help them grow in ways that seemed impossible before.

Connect with Aléa:

IG: @TheLovelyAlea

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