Sacred Stories with Aubry Hoffman

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Sacred Stories with Aubry Hoffman: The Whispers of Our Heart

Join us as the Queen of Intuition tells a powerful story about how her atypical education has shaped the course of her life. We discuss the power that lives in each of us to discover our own unique ways of working and healing. Aubry’s message invites us to accept that we each have a path that may look nothing like that of other people in our lives.

Aubry’s story encourages us to consider:

~ What if what you want feels like something that has never been done before?

~ How can we let go and trust the pull of our heart?

~ Where in our lives can we practice even more openness?

~ How do we heal, work, and love in our own unique ways?

About Aubry:

Aubry Hoffman is an intuitive guide, energy healer and inspirational speaker. She inspires thousands of people all over the world with her weekly podcast; The Queen of Intuition. Aubry lives in Boulder, CO with her son.

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Connect with Aubry:

IG: @TheQueenOfIntuition

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