Sacred Stories with Bronwyn Saglimbeni

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Sacred Stories with Bronwyn Saglimbeni: Writing on the Wall

When a rockstar communications coach starts droppin quotes from the Talmud mid-podcast, you know it's going to be a good one! Bronwyn Saglimbeni holds that magic mix of authenticity and electricity, join us for this inspiring conversation!

Bronwyn is a communication coach who guides those she serves to shine--from a stage in front of a thousand people, on camera, or at a small gathering in a conference room.

Bronwyn's Sacred Story takes us back to 2001, when she was broke, unemployed and floundering around for what to do in the wake of 9/11 & massive economic downturn. A profound dream changed the course of her life.

We each have sliding door moments in our lives, this conversation explores our inner knowing that wants to guide us if we choose to listen.

Bronwyn's story invites us to consider:

What are the ways your intuitive, higher wisdom likes to speak to you? A few common ways to tap in include: dreams, a full-body expansive feeling, noticing coincidences, seeing particular objects (like feathers) or animals that show up at moments you’re receiving guidance or meant to pay attention.

We’re hit with a lot of guilt about safeguarding time for JOY and pleasure. Our worth is often tethered to whether we are good, busy, & putting others first. AND yet, how we we show up for others is DEPENDENT on feeling FULL, brimming. Our creativity and inspiring, electrifying communication depends on filling our spirits with pleasure.

Does reframing your creativity as a vital part of how you serve the world offer you a sacred permission slip to prioritize what fills you up? (We need your creativity whether you’re a teacher, a parent, or vice president of the United States)!

The Talmud teaches that we will be called to account for every legitimate pleasure we did not enjoy.* What is one simple pleasure you might relish more often? Popcorn for dinner? Babies in sunglasses? The easy grin of your beloved? Can you make a list of the things that bring you pleasure and make sure to infuse one into each day?

If you knew you only had 10 years left to live, what would you stop doing? (Inspired by Rochelle Meyers).

*Jerusalem Talmud, Kiddushin 4:12.

**I recommended Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines.

About Bronwyn:

Over the past 20 years, Bronwyn has worked with hundreds of people, logging thousands of coaching hours helping clients prepare for big moments on shows such as American Idol, Real Time with Bill Maher, Bloomberg TV, CNBC’s Power Lunch, The Oprah Winfrey Show, the Home Shopping Network, and PBS NewsHour. She has midwifed over one hundred and fifty TEDx, TEDGlobal, and TED Talks.

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