Sacred Stories with Dr. Ezzie Spencer

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Sacred Stories with Dr. Ezzie Spencer:

Ezzie's Sacred Story:

Sometimes a simple statement from a friend catalyzes extraordinary transformation. Dr. Ezzie Spencer, creator of the method and best-selling author of Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon, shares a Sacred Story about a moment that spurred profound inner healing and a professional pivot.

We dive into how our greatest gifts can come from our deepest wounds and what courageous inner exploration looks like. Dr. Ezzie shares how uncovering the root of our patterns enables us to change our relationship with ourselves and what we are able to receive from others. When we are able to lovingly BE with it, and FEEL it, we can transmute old imprints.

Ezzie's story invites us to consider:

~What Unconscious Vows might be keeping you from what you truly desire?

~How might you create your high-vibe love field?

~How do we dance between setting healthy boundaries and putting up a fortress wall?

Dr. Ezzie brings that magical mix of profound tools coupled with a light touch to the sacred work she offers. Her joy and passion emanate in this Sacred Story!

About Ezzie:

Dr. Ezzie Spencer is the creator of the method, which helps women to overcome unconscious blocks that hold them back from receiving the love they desire.

Dr. Ezzie’s approach is a fusion of transformational coaching, feminine embodiment processes and applied positive psychology, which facilitates deep and lasting change in her clients’ lives through building unshakeable self-worth.

Ezzie is also the author of the best-selling book Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace and Purpose Using the Phases of the Moon (Hachette) — and the companion Lunar Abundance Reflective Journal — which have taught tens of thousands of women worldwide to harness the power of the moon cycle to reconnect with their intuition, creativity and emotional well-being. Both are available internationally wherever books are sold.

In a former life, Ezzie worked as a human rights lawyer and completed her Ph.D in the area of women’s safety and relationship healing.

Connect with Ezzie:

Instagram: @ezziespencer


Listeners are invited to take Ezzie’s free quiz to discover where they are blocked in love--and how to overcome that block.

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