Sacred Stories with Erin Celeste

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Erin Celeste: Sacred Power

Join us for this deeply powerful conversation as Erin Celeste shares a story about finding her own voice and how that emerges in her relationships. We explore the universal human question, "Can I trust to be loved as my true self?" Can I show up as I truly am and be deeply loved for that? Erin clarifies external vs. internal power and offers tools for how we can shift old stories about ourselves. She also reveals a compelling way to diffuse conflict.

Erin's story invites us to consider:

~How do we hold someone else in sacred space when they are feeling triggered and vulnerable?

~The embodiment practice of asking the other person, "What do you feel in your body right now?"

~If you are feeling stuck in a relationship, discerning whether to keep working on your relationship or accept that it is not a good fit.

~How do we start to dismantle old structures that keep us in suffering?

About Erin:

Erin Celeste (she/hers) is a healer-turned-relationship coach, thanks to her relentless pursuit of the question "Why are relationships are the source of both our greatest joy and our greatest pain?"

She is a certified Erotic Blueprints coach, and works with single or partnered women to help guide them into deeper love through the power of pleasure so they can experience turn on, aliveness and radiance both in and out of the bedroom.

When not geeking out about sex and relationships, she can be found perfecting her French accent (ideally while traveling), reading mystery novels, dancing like no one is watching, logging hours on her meditation cushion, and engaging as an ally to end systemic oppression.

Connect with Erin:

IG: @myerinvalentine

FB: @ErinCeleste

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