Sacred Stories with Keira Poulsen

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Sacred Stories with Keira Poulsen: Crossing the Sea

Join us for a powerful spiritual discourse as Keira shares her sacred story of waiting for the seas to part despite eerie silence from the heavens. We discuss what it means to make a leap of faith when listening to Divine messages. We also consider the power of directly saying to Spirit, “Show me!”

Keira explains how to balance living a spiritual life with taking intentional action as an entrepreneur. She believes that if we trust help from spiritual realms, we are never alone in our pursuits.

She shares one of her favorite songs, Oceans Where My Feet May Fail, by Hillsong UNITED

Keira’s story invites us to consider:

~ How do we receive holy messages?

~ How do we navigate not knowing what to do or the heavens going silent?

~ Practicing trust and forgiveness when feeling unheard or unseen by intentionally creating our own sacred spaces.

About Keira:

Keira Poulsen is a mother to 5 amazing children. She is also an intuitive, energetic healer and creator. Keira is a spiritual entrepreneurship coach for Lightworkers, healers, change-makers and leaders. She helps women create their soul work and successful businesses derived from their gifts and purpose through The Awaken Mastermind and the Awaken the Master’s Program. Keira believes that now is the time that leaders are awakened and share their light with the world.

You can listen weekly to Keira’s messages of hope and guidance through The Awaken Podcast or on her Instagram account.

Keira is also the creator of Freedom House Publishing Co. where she helps authors liberate their voices through the written word. Keira believes that we all have a deep purpose that the world needs. And when we connect up to The Divine and remember our own inner Divinity, we can create massive change in this world.

Connect with Keira:

IG: @KeiraPoulsen

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