Sacred Stories with Kiné Corder

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Sacred Stories with Kiné Corder: Living Like There's No Tonight

Join us as Kiné Corder shares a powerful story of generosity, connection, and living with intention.

Kiné’s philosophy became “live like there’s no tonight” after she suddenly lost two of her close friends. For her, living like there’s no tonight means choosing to do what’s most important to your heart today. We know too well that tomorrow is not always guaranteed.

Kiné also explains the process of hypnotherapy and how it allows individuals to heal from trauma by “changing their song.”

Kiné’s story invites us to consider:

~ What are some important steps I want to take “tonight”?

~ How can I step out of my mind and listen to what my body and soul are telling me?

~ To whom in my life can I offer generosity?

~ How can breaking my goals into smaller, more manageable steps help me prioritize my values?

About Kiné:

Kiné Corder is a National Certified Counselor, international speaker, and the world’s #1 clinical hypnotherapist specializing in stress, anger, money, and meaning. She is also the CEO of Presidential Lifestyle; a wellness company focused on wealth in all its forms.

With a background in film and television production, financial services, and mental health counseling, Kiné delivers a unique set of skills in her private practice, speaking engagements, and public appearances. She creates life transforming experiences in both a private and/or group setting.

You can also catch Kiné on her Money and Meaning podcast where she chronicles the search for meaning over money to Make America Meaningful Again.

Connect with Kiné:

IG: @kinecorder

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