Sacred Stories with Paul Sanders


Paul Sanders: Somatic Listening

Paul dives into tangible skills that help partners to understand each other's differences.

We explore the practices of sitting with discomfort, listening with empathy, heart coherence meditation, and intentionally raising the frequency of every cell in our body. He shares how the practice of somatic listening--hearing another without needing to respond has changed his relationship.

Paul's story invites us to consider:

~How might I bring playfulness to my meditation practice?

~Where is an invitation to practice somatic listening in our own life?

~Is there something or someone in our lives that might flow more easily if we step back to listen versus grip tightly and force it?

About Paul:

Paul is a life adventurer. He has always been an entrepreneur work-wise. Beyond work, what is most important to Paul are spiritual and relationship growth, anything to do with music, and exploring the world.

Connect with Paul:

FB & IG: @heywherespaul

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