Sacred Stories with Vanessa "Nessy" Quarantello

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Sacred Stories with Vanessa "Nessy" Quarantello: No Greater Love

The first time I spoke with Vanessa “Nessy” Quarantello, I knew I had met a soul sister...we shared that perfect combination of authenticity and wisdom. Our experiences growing up were different, yet we responded to them with similar patterns of caretaking and overly identifying with the suffering of others. Vanessa and I both used our healing from childhood experiences to inform how we guide others in our work.

I’m so pleased to share this wholehearted conversation with Vanessa as she shares a Sacred Story of transforming her painful experiences into a journey of soul-alignment. Like many processes of self discovery, this winding road led to Vanessa leave corporate Wall Street to devote herself to breathwork--the space between our thoughts and Spirit.

We reflect on the power we each possess to repattern our nervous system by changing the way we breathe, using the energy of music, and evoking laughter to help reset our body’s stress response.

The Hebrew word for breath is ruach, which means spirit, wind, or Divine life-force. Vanessa leads us in a guided breathwork practice that taps directly into our ruach-with just 4 breaths, we are offered a portal to Spirit and peacefulness.

I am so grateful to LaEisha Howard for introducing me to Vanessa. LaEisha's Sacred Forgiveness story can be found HERE. In elevating each other’s gifts and offerings, our community grows!

Vanessa’s story invites us to consider:

~ How do I best connect to peace in my body--music, laughter, meditation, journaling? Try engaging in Vanessa’s breathwork practice for 7 days (at 41:28 in the recording).

~ What does “Being Great” mean in the context of my life right now?

~ How can I honor the balance between giving love and allowing myself to receive love? When do I want to create boundaries vs. break down boundaries?

~ With whom do I feel my energy most reciprocated?

About Vanessa:

Vanessa or “Nessy” is a third-generation heart-led female entrepreneur, childhood trauma survivor and an active community contributor.

Through her healing arts practice, No Greater Love, she offers Breathwork, Reiki, and Mindful Meditation for individuals, couples, families, and workplace wellness programs.

She now lives in her native San Diego, CA but has journeyed to many parts of the world and lived in all four corners of the USA. Her life experience and personal healing journey created her mission and mantra to “BE GREAT and SPREAD LOVE” as inspired by her Grandmother Lillian.

Connect with Vanessa:

Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram: @nogreaterlovebynessy

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