Sacred Stories with Wil Fisher

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Sacred Stories with Wil Fisher: Sacred Drag

Wil Fisher is founder of Willfully Living, a life coach practice dedicated to helping GBTQ men live lives of freedom and joy!

Wil's Sacred Story explores the healing power of drag as medicine for self-exploration. We dive into queer spirituality, ways we can each get playful with gender, and surprising gender fluidity in Jewish sacred texts.

Wil's story invites us to consider:

~Using totem animals as part of our spiritual practice (they can appear anywhere--in dreams, when we are in nature, seeing repeated pictures of particular animals, etc.). As we learn about the animal's symbology, we can honor qualities we are stepping into, or releasing, or creating new paradigms of behavior.

~The idea of authentic validation. As young people, we may feel shame in realizing something is different about us. As a coping mechanism, we put on a facade that is then validated. This facade fills a void, but it does not allow us to be truly seen. Authentic validation is a process of getting quiet with our own heart and own own spirit to strip away default responses & instead validate ourselves authentically.

About Wil:

Wil Fisher is a San Diego based life coach and men’s work facilitator dedicated to helping GBTQ men live lives of freedom and joy! Before moving to San Diego, Wil spent many years in NYC where he earned his MA in Applied Theater, performed a solo show he wrote and produced, raised money for nonprofits, co-founded a company called Man Question, and created his drag alter ego, Sylvia London. After NCY, he served as executive director of Easton Mountain. He is a certified life coach and founder of Willfully Living, his life coach practice based in San Diego.

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Connect with Wil:

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