Creating a Spiritual Partnership

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Sacred Stories with Dr. Zenia McLaughlin and Rabbi Jessica K. Marshall

Zenia + Jessica's Sacred Story:

Join Rabbi Jessica Marshall and her partner Dr. Zenia McLaughlin for their Sacred Story.

This intimate conversation explores:

~How they met and the personal growth they did before they connected.

~How spiritual partnerships differ from other love relationships.

~Navigating sticky moments as a couple.

~Honoring both an individual and a shared relationship to Spirit.

~The power of playfulness!

Jessica and Zenia are interviewed by Natalia Volz, a heart-centered guide specializing in guiding folks through healing relationship transitions.

Resources mentioned:

Online Dating Profiles

Calling in the One by Katherine Woodward Thomas

Zenia and Jessica's story invites us to consider:

~Who do we each need to become to hold what we most desire?

~How might we turn toward another in sticky moments?

~What is your relationship with play and where might playfulness want to enter your life in new ways?

About Jessica:

Rabbi Jessica Kessler Marshall passionately leads soul-centered rituals and retreats, spiritually inclusive women’s gatherings, and presents at speaking engagements on authentic sacred living. She guides participants into deeper connection with Spirit by moving beyond intellect or logic, to access soul-wisdom so their path lights up with ease, abundance, and JOY! Championing spiritual inclusivity via creative rituals, intentional reflections, mindfulness practices, and the wisdom of the natural world, Rabbi Marshall guides with humor, authenticity, and Divine presence.

About Zenia:

Dr. Zenia McLaughlin invites individuals, couples, and families to accept — once and for all — that our lives are nothing less than Sacred Journeys home. She facilitates a conversation between you and Spirit, asking you for permission to receive the healings, teachings and lessons that have been waiting for you as you mature into the person you are here to be.

About Natalia:

Natalia Volz offers healing for the heartbroken. She acts as a guide and coach walking folks through unfamiliar territory and changing the way people understand and recover from life’s heartbreaks and remake their life back to their truest self.

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