I'm delighted to Partner with these innovative community organizations~expanding opportunities for deeper communal and personal connection | Judaism Your Way

Judaism Your Way

Judaism Your Way offers a radically inclusive Judaism that meets people wherever they are on their Jewish journeys. Signature events include offering free High Holy Day services in an inspiring outdoor setting, life event officiation, B'nai Mitzvah and adult education, spiritual counseling, and holiday celebrations.


I am delighted to serve as a referral for lifecycle officiation. | Kevah


Kevah empowers individuals and organizations to build Jewish learning communities via Kevah Groups matched to an outstanding Kevah educator. Kevah’s commitment to educational excellence, accessibility of sources and principled pluralism enables Jewish adults to take ownership of their Jewish and spiritual lives.

I'm delighted to serve as a Kevah educator for Honeymoon Israel alumni and I specialize in tailoring content & format for each new group.

Want to go on a hike and study Jewish environmental ethics? Want to wrestle Jewish beliefs on what happens after we die (hint, there's not just one opinion)! Want to learn about Jewish cooking traditions from around the world and then get your hands dirty with regional delicacies? Want to explore the circumcision debate? Let's get our learning on!

Here is more about me on the Kevah Denver website. | Honeymoon Israel

Honeymoon Israel

Honeymoon Israel provides trips to Israel for couples! Spend nine exhilarating, romantic and memorable days exploring Israel, while building friendship and community with other couples from your city.

Honeymoon Israel helps participants feel welcome in the Jewish community and inspires them to incorporate Jewish values into their lives authentically. HMI promotes an inclusive view of Jewish life including partners from other faiths. Honeymoon Israel is a completely inclusive organization - welcoming Jewish/Jewish, interfaith and LGBTQ couples.


I am thrilled to serve as the Jewish educator on Honeymoon Israel's February 2017 Israel trip! As the staff rabbi, I'll lead ​spirited, inclusive ​Shabbat ​experiences and offer meaty discussions on ​Jewish ​practice, ​custom ​and ​ritual.

Honeymoon Israel has fantastic alumni programming and I will continue to offer ​meaningful and fun (!!) get-togethers for ​Shabbat, ​holiday celebrations, ​​building ​a ​Jewish ​home, infertility support, social justice, and retreats. | Boulder JCC

Boulder JCC

The Boulder Jewish Community Center provides programs and services based in Jewish values and traditions in a place where people of all ages and backgrounds gather to connect, exchange ideas, learn, and grow together. The Boulder JCC is recognized both nationally and internationally for its innovative approaches to engagement with next generation and connecting families through meaningful experiences and philanthropy.

The Boulder JCC is home to one of the best Boulder preschools and day camps as well as baby, toddler, youth, family, teen, young adult, adult, arts and culture, and community programs.


I directed Judaism Your Way's Boulder Open Tent B'nai Mitzvah Program located at the JCC and am pleased to partner with this innovative community organization. | One Table

One Table

OneTable brings Shabbat to people in their 20s and 30s of all backgrounds. Taking a step back, connecting with others, having moments of mindfulness, and enjoying great meals on a Friday night is OneTable's mission.


As a guest speaker at OneTable's leadership retreat, I spoke about the Jewish tradition of hospitality to all and creating Shabbat meals that are inviting and accessible.

I am delighted to continue to host meals at my home and off site for OneTable participants.

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Kyla Mitsunaga

Kyla Mitsunaga is a Certified Global Happiness Coach/Women’s Empowerment Coach, Certified Theta Healing® Practitioner, Award-Winning Professor/Founder of The Happiness Workshop and WITH Warriors LLC.

In 2012, she was invited to be a TED@Seoul speaker. Her TED Talk WITH vs AT is available a book and also as a global retreat experience.

Her second book, On Growing: Thoughts from the Field was released November 2020.


Kyla brings a sacred combination of profoundly uplifting energy, authenticity, and radical inclusivity. She was an inspiring Sacred Stories guest and her corporate programs are a dynamic compliment to building a thriving organizational culture.


Robin Wald

Robin Wald is a professional astrologer, yoga and meditation teacher, and Jewish teen and family educator. As founder of Robin Wald Cosmic Wisdom Coaching she creates a supportive, compassionate space for clients to gain clarity, self-awareness, and strategies to move forward with greater alignment and satisfaction around life purpose, career, relationships (romantic, business, parenting), life balance and well-being, and spiritual connection and practice.


To learn more about Robin, visit her Sacred Story here! I have personally experienced the magic and guidance of Robin's readings, I highly recommend this empowering path to true spiritual alignment.