Sacred Stories with Julia Freifeld: In Each Other's Bones

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Julia's Sacred Story

Some conversations reverberate in our being. This one continues to invite me deeper. What are the new beginnings present in each moment?

Author Julia Freifeld is filled with contagious passion for life and a heart open to receive the deeper meaning offered to us in life's unfolding. She shares with richness, whole-heartedness, and inspiration about her new memoir, In Each Other's Bones: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Living.

In Each Other's Bones is Julia's journey of seeking holiness. Over 10 years, Julia navigated her husband Mark's diagnosis of a degenerative neurological disease, being a caretaker without losing her connection to herself, and the loss of her husband. This book is Julia’s journey of beginnings, endings, goodbyes, and creating anew.

Julia's story invites us to consider:

*What beginning might be present in each ending or loss? How can you stay open to beginnings alongside honoring your own emotional journey?

*As a caretaker, how are you being invited to deepen your connection to yourself in new ways?

*Dating after loss and second chapter relationships filled with richness, complexity, and tenderness.

*When you look back on moments in your life that shaped you the most, what is the deeper purpose and meaning you now have the perspective to understand?

*What rituals, art, or writing might be powerful in tending to beginnings or endings? For more guidance with rituals click HERE.

About Julia:

Julia Freifeld is a classically trained artist, now focusing on Love Portraits. Her best selling book, In Each Other’s Bones: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Living, was released in October, 2022. Julia has also written a lighthearted relationship guide called Aunt Julia’s Guide to Healthy Relationships. She is a mother of three and grandmother of four living in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Buy In Each Other's Bones HERE and at your local independent bookstore.

Connect with Julia:

IG: @JuliaFreifeld

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