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Sacred Stories with Kyla Mitsunaga: The Oneness of "WITH"

Kyla Mitsunaga’s joyful spirit is proof that vibrancy leaps across physical distance. I felt Kyla’s heart during our first conversation between Denver and Korea when she named me as an honorary Asian soul sister and I bequeathed her an honorary Jew! She brings whimsy and a storyteller’s flare to this laughter-filled conversation of integrating past wounds into JOY and connection.

While simultaneously leading a workshop on happiness and struggling with depression, Kyla knew this irony was meant to be a teacher. She discovered Theta and the practice of subconsciously replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones. Kyla shifted her negative energy and resolved to offer these transformative strategies to help others. Befriending herself in new ways opened doors of connection. Only when we are with ourselves can we truly be with others. Recently, I saw this play out in my own life when my harsh inner critic mercilessly repeated judgments about milestones that should have happened by now and stories of fear that dreams would not manifest. Once I realized this mental berating was my ego in fear, I could shift into honoring self-love in deeper ways. I could then extend this compassion toward others without holding them in the tight grip of deadlines. As you listen to this Sacred Story, notice if there are similar patterns you can rewire offering a gentle path to shift negativity.

As Kyla did more research on happiness, she found a correlation between happiness and profound connection to others--empathy, non-hierarchical sharing, and a sense of oneness. She termed this distinction “With vs At” to capture the truth that when we communicate WITH others instead of AT them, we can change our lives. Jewish theologian Martin Buber had a similar concept called “I/Thou” to describe mutual, reciprocal relationships that transform us. I/Thou and WITH interactions are special in that they can unfold with strangers and intimate relationships. Both frameworks require true presence with ourselves and others. I/Thou and WITH connections are a portal to the Divine. Our conversation invites each of us to consider how we can foster more WITH relationships in our lives.

Kyla and I connected via the one and only Nessy Quarantello, whose Sacred Story of healing breathwork can be found HERE.

Kyla’s story invites us to consider:

~ Happiness directly correlates with less judgment and more forgiveness. What is one way I can shift from judgement to open-hearted acceptance?

~ If our 3 core wounds are “I’m not enough”, “I'm different”, & “something is unavailable to me”, does one tend to be your default? What is one new story that wants to be told instead?

~ Kyla’s definition of happiness = total alignment with yourself and your core values. What are your core values? Can honoring one of them in a new way offer a deeper experience of happiness?

About Kyla:

Kyla is the founder and WITH Warrior-in-Chief of WITH Warriors. She founded WITH Warriors to help others overcome depression sharing tools/tips/strategies she wishes she had had during her two-year bout WITH depression.

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