Spiritual Coaching

When JOY, authenticity, and soul-wisdom dance together...

When we come home to our essence…

The world bursts forth before us!

We each need guides to remind us of the beauty, abundance, & JOY waiting for us.

Together, we will enhance your inner-knowing, your power (not from exertion but from connection to Spirit), and your creative delight as you embrace unbounded possibility for your life!

These practices get to be FUN! (And dare I say, seductive)!

We integrate...

  • Personal inquiry journaling questions

  • Positive psychology

  • Creative ritual

  • Guided meditation

  • Mindfulness

  • Sacred reparenting

  • Connecting to inner wisdom

  • Expanding our connection to Spirit

JOY, creativity, & releasing resistance shift us from suffering into inner truth & lives that enchant us!

Your Transformation...

"Get ready to shift. Jessica's leadership is nothing short of miraculous and magical." -Dena

"I absolutely LOVE working with Jessica! Every time I come away from our time together I feel more love and compassion towards myself and others, a deeper sense of faith and trust in myself and the process and empowered in my gifts and abilities. As a coach myself, I have often shared her wisdom with my own clients and have such a deep respect for her, for the magical soul that she is and for the deep love she brings to everyone she works with." -Allison

"Jessica is a force of nature! With endless enthusiasm, insight, and compassion, she synthesizes teachings from diverse schools of thought into practices for joyful living.

Guiding participants to align with their core values and intentionality, I enjoyed a lot of personal growth and a greater ability to shift into a high-vibe mindset as I reach for my dreams with clarity. An added emphasis on acceptance and trust makes for a sweet spiritual cocktail! Tapping into Spirit under Jessica’s warm and energetic direction was, and remains, a pleasure." -Kate

“Jessica inspires my soul and fills me up in ways I never imagined or expected.” ~Marla

"Jessica's compassionate facilitation provided a beautiful opening for my own soul wisdom to come through. I feel capable and supported in moving forward on my next chapter with ease." - Jill

"Jessica is literally my personal ambassador of magic...I don't even have the right words yet. I am overflowing with so much gratitude and excitement!!!! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU." - Stacy


  • 4 months together
  • Individual hour-long Zoom call with me twice a month
  • Welcoming to all progressive spiritual expressions!
  • $500 for each month of nurturance!

How do you wish to create your world?

Let’s make magic together.